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About The Book

Chat Republic is the outcome of 18 years of reporting on the intersection of technology and society, and working in the trenches of digital media.

You are acutely aware of how social media, an enabler of rich dialogue, continues to infect organizations –even those that remain on the sidelines. If you’re a business communicator, you probably feel overwhelmed. If you’re a ‘gatekeeper,’ you or your boss is anxious about the loss of control.

Given that social media has become the dirty little secret in diplomacy, education, customer service and politics, how does it fit into your organization? I approached the book from this perspective: How should we operate within this giant speech bubble?


The book makes a case for why we need less amplifiers and more antennas. Meaning, less noise-makers, and more ‘listening posts.’


This is our Republic of Chatter. It’s time we put aside our shiny new objects to make our conversations more authentic. What might we accomplish if we stopped using social media as a digital branding iron, or a non-stop PR machine? You would be surprised.

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